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Rodeo Steer - Belt Buckle

Rodeo Steer - Belt Buckle

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The Rodeo Steer belt buckle is designed for a hard working cowboy or cowgirl. This buckle is a real symbol of the old wild west, great for a cattle rancher, a rodeo cowboy or to complete your look for line dancing. This belt buckle was designed by talented artists which are then produced to the highest standards and quality in the U.S.A. They are then hand finished making them truly unique. This belt buckle will make great addition to any outfit, made to be attached on to any snap-on belt, if you not have a belt designed to change the buckle we have many here in the store, in many styles to suit you.

  • Official Buckle of Dragon Designs, Tanside Ltd.
  • This belt buckle is Copyright 1997
  • Great Belt Buckle for Collectors.
  • Buckle has a Zinc core with Antique Pewter Plating.
  • Buckle is enhanced with detailed art.
  • Belt buckles will fit a 1.1/2” to 1.3/4” (38mm to 45mm) belt.
  • Approximate Size of Belt Buckle: 105mm x 78mm
  • Approximate Length of Loop to Pin: 89mm (3½ inches)
  • Approximate Weight of Belt Buckle: 175g

      If you need a belt for this awesome belt buckle or any belt buckle, please check out the Black Real Leather Snap On Belts. This belt has been designed specifically for attaching different interchangeable buckles and is available in 6 sizes.



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